Whatever the nature of your business there are three letters, or one phrase, which invariably dictate what you spend money on. Here we are talking about ROI, or return on investment. In the simplest of terms, before spending money on anything related to your business you need to look at the return you will get on your investment. Where tangible elements are concerned such as stock all wages it is fairly easy to calculate what your ROI should ideally be, but what about intangible elements?

How can you estimate what your ROI for money spent on business security will be when, the truth is, this money invested will not earn you a single penny? However, a return on investment doesn’t necessarily have to mean an increase in revenue to increase your business profit.

Though it is sad to say, CCTV is not based solely as a deterrent to thieves from outside your business. Figures recently released show that while £2,206 million of stolen goods came from customer theft, £1,681 million in losses was attributable to employee theft and fraud. In the retail industry it would seem that, quite literally, you need to have eyes in the back of your head.The installation of commercial CCTV, CCTV for your business is one of those financial investments you make which can increase your business profit and therefore pay for itself over a period of time. If you are asking yourself how this is possible, then consider what the installation of CCTV can mean for your business.

Of course there is a solution, and that is CCTV for business. Bristol-based Brunel Security are a family-run business which has been established for over 20 years and which specialises in commercial CCTV. If you have a Bristol-based business and have a problem with what is known as ‘stock shrinkage’ then a smart move would be to contact us and invite us out to carry out an appraisal of your premises and to advise how CCTV can help alleviate your problems.

While it is possible to get what is known as a staff honesty policy with your insurance company which can ensure you against theft by staff, it is enormously expensive and certainly in the long run the installation of CCTV is far more effective. As theft from shoplifting is excluded from most insurance policies it is likely you are going to have any retail space covered by CCTV, so while we are on the premises, we can also have a look to identify if there are any ‘hotspots’ where additional CCTV coverage could help.

To find out more on how Brunel Security can help you, please do give us a call.