Security Maintenance –

How to audit your security systems

Changing your business security can be perceived as timely, costly and a whole heap of effort.

That said, having a system that  provides adequate protection for your specific needs is also essential.  You may already have something in place, there is, however, always a danger that things aren’t as they seem.

We ourselves see first-hand the problems and issues that can arise when systems and protection measure aren’t as good as they were expected to be – the maintenance of your security system is imperative.

A broken, faulty or inadequate security system is useless, better, pointless.

Security Maintenance Audit

Security Maintenance Audit

Here are the most common failings we find – this will also act as a guide to carry a quick audit of your current systems and arrangements.

  • Placement of systems – Cameras, sensors, motion detectors,
    control panels and access point systems are all well and good,
    but are they located in the correct place.
    Check that your systems meet your business requirements and make sure they serve their purpose as intended.
    Can you spot the error in this picture?
    Post your answer in the comments section below.
  • System ‘zone’ faults – Over time, sometimes following system errors or false alarms, zones can be ‘turned off’, either by accident or through human intervention. Check that when armed, your system is activated within the zones required. . Or ask your existing provider to show you a walk test report and see a demonstration of the system activating.
  •  Broken equipment – Run a quick test of the equipment, check that the cameras are operational and fit for intended purpose, that all system features work as intended and that in the event of an alarm or intruder, things work as they should.
  • Inadequate equipment – As with broken equipment, what’s the point? Check that your system meets your specific requirements; if not then seek a solution. We can help you with this!
  • Maintenance check list – Does your existing company provide you with a detailed list of what wasn’t working and the recommendations to make your system compliant?

General Maintenance Tips


  • Check the picture quality of each camera and monitor – look for signs of condensation in the housing window and limiting picture highlights
  • Check all controllable functions for each station, for example; pan, tilt, zoom, focus, iris, auto-pan, wiper, pre-sets etc.
  • Check the camera/monitor combination selection.
  • Check the operation of the recorder, for example; the speed of record and play
  • Check the operation of multiplexers and matrix’s
  • Check the interfaces with alarms, for example; movement alarms
  • Check the indicator lamps are working on equipment


Business CCTV Security Camera

Business CCTV Security Camera

  • Remove each dome or cover and clean inside and out
  • Clean the lens and check focus on fixed lens
  • Check the signalling on the cameras is ok
  • Test the voltage input
  • Test the voltage output
  • Check all cables for damage
  • Check all supplementary lighting, including IR and photocells
  • Check the function of wipers if necessary
  • Check that the correct signage is displayed
  • Examine metal work, for example; towers and brackets for signs of corrosion and water leakage

Intruder Alarms

  • Carry out a walk test on the system
  • Check all the cabling
  • Check all roller shutter and door contacts
  • Check and clean all detectors
  • Check current draw and voltage
  • Check the output of powered Rios
  • Check signalling with all outputs
  • Check resistance readings

If you are in any doubt as to the state and adequacy of your current system perhaps it’s time to reinstate that peace of mind.
Would you rather someone else takes care of this?

Security Maintenance Audit Offer

As a special offer, Brunel Security are running a ‘Simple to Switch’ programme – this offers a completely independent audit of your current security arrangements with accompanying recommendations of the appropriate and necessary security solutions – tailored to your exacting requirements, from the basic minimum requirements through to more comprehensive protection measures.

This offer is only available until the end of July.

We’ll not sell to you, we’ll provide a completely impartial perspective and make recommendations based on facts – what you choose to do following our visit is entirely down to you, there will be no pressure from us.

At the very least, you’ll have that peace of mind.

Just because your business is complex it doesn’t mean that your security has to be – in some cases you may find that you have unnecessary measures in place and resources would/could be better spent or placed elsewhere.

As well as designing and installing award-winning security solutions our 24/7 monitoring station is ‘NSI’ Gold Standard. Brunel has over 25 years experience in the security industry and has designed some of the most complex and secret security systems in the UK.

Despite this we’re still family run and enjoy an enviable reputation within the industry – most of all we’re passionate about security and never get complacent.

We have in-depth knowledge of both physical security as well as electronic security and years of experience designing solutions to combat individual site issues.

We keep our finger on the pulse in relation to new and exciting developments in the security market so you can rest assured; we’re on top of our game.

If you like to know more about our ‘Simple to Switch’ programme, or if you would like to register your details for a call-back, please click here and leave us your name, company name, contact telephone number and preferred time of calling, we’ll do the rest.

We hope this information has helped.