We’d all like to think that our staff are loyal and trustworthy, and in the most part they are. It is an unfortunate fact of life, however, that put opportunity in the way of some people and they can’t resist temptation. In the UK a couple of years ago out of £1.224bn in retail losses through shoplifting, 33% of that was attributable to staff. That may come as a bit of a shock to you, and perhaps it is the wake-up call you need to realise that all may not be as it seems.

The same surely has to apply in any working environment where there is the opportunity for theft of stock or materials. It is only the minority who create a problem, but that problem affects everyone, from the boss to the newest employee, each in different ways. So how do you go about introducing a system that is fair on everyone, points the finger of suspicion at nobody, but which will catch culprits or, better still, deter theft completely.The problem is, if you don’t know who the culprits are, then the finger of suspicion tends to get pointed at everyone, and that is not good for working relationships or staff morale. It is interesting, but when one security company installed CCTV on a building site, the move was applauded by the majority of those working there. Why? The universal reason was because whenever any materials went missing, everyone felt they were a suspect and those who were innocent were angry that the thoughtless and selfish actions of one or two people were changing the whole atmosphere on the site.

Commercial CCTV, whether company CCTV or business CCTV, is the best solution and for those members of staff with a wholly honest disposition, it will make no difference to them. For those who are always on the lookout for means and ways to make a little extra money, if they are annoyed or angry, then that is their problem, not yours. It is remarkable just how much money can be saved through the installation of a comprehensive commercial CCTV system to the point where more often than not you will find you are able to pay for it out of the money saved from the reduction in stock and materials theft. In today’s business world, investment in anything involves return on investment (ROI) and the ROI on CCTV systems is excellent.

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