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Security system negligence, caused fire to spread on pier.

Yesterday it was ruled by a Judge at Bristol Mercantile court, that the cause of the fire on Weston Super Mare Pier in July 2008 was due to negligence on behalf of the security system provided by the security company based in Weston Super Mare.

The fire alarm had gone off at 1.35 am, but the fire brigade was not called until nearly 7 am, and the reason for this seems to be filtering of the security system whilst a previous fault was being rectified, which the pier owners were not aware of.

Millions of pounds of loss revenue followed, as the pier was closed until it reopened in Oct 2010, having been rebuilt.

This stresses the importance of ensuring that all commercial security system products are regularly and professionally maintained and monitored alarms by a reputable security company.  Preventative and corrective maintenance needs to be carried out regularly in accordance with the British standards.

All security system faults should be immediately reported to the management team and followed up with a robust process to ensure non compliance issues are immediately rectified.  This should be standard practice in all businesses.  A correctly monitored and maintained alarm system will notify your alarm receiving centre of faults with your communication line and this is communicated back in real time.

Fortunately with the fire at Weston Super Mare Pier there were no casualties or loss of life, had the incident happened during the day, in the height of the holiday season, it might have been a different story, and there is no price that can be put on loss of life, especially when you consider how inexpensive it is to rectify ineffective security system products.

Today most companies put Health and Safety as the number one priority on their agendas, and ensuring that their security system solutions are adequate, up to date and well maintained is an important part of protecting your most valuable assets, your staff and your premises.

If you have any doubt about the security systems you have on your commercial premises don’t delay in having an audit, in light of the ruling of security negligence on Weston Super Mare pier, yesterday, Brunel Security are offering free security audits of security systems to make sure your alarm is fully compliant for monitoring. This offer is for businesses in the Bristol and Weston Super Mare during January, call us now on 0845 250 0095 to book your security system audit today.

We’ll ensure that you can be assured that your security systems products are doing the job they are intended to do, to prevent any unnecessary incidents impacting your business.