To ensure that you have the appropriate security systems in place we always carry out a full Security Risk Assessment that takes in to account the site, current security, business needs and local crime trends.
Bristol based Brunel Security is one of the leading providers of Security Risk Assessments and backed by our SSAIB accreditation in the design, installation and maintenance of class leading security solutions across the UK.
An example of a bad security system

Security Risk Assessment – Brunel Security

You’d be amazed at the simple security mistakes people make.

To make sure that there are no mistakes with your security we always carry out a full, in-depth security risk assessment, taking into consideration the site dynamics, current security arrangements, business requirements and local crime trends before we undertake any work or recommend any security solution.

Do you know if your current system is in proper working order?  When you last had it serviced? Did the engineer show you the test report? Did it match your zone list to show that everything was fully functional and no areas had been zoned out?

It’s also good idea to activate the alarm at least once yearly to see how the service provider and the staff member on key-holder duty respond to the alarm activation.

Following our assessment we will discuss the findings before presenting the solution or solutions that are best suited to your business and your own set of unique requirements.

At Brunel Security our objective is to provide the highest quality solutions and consistently exceed your expectations: we pride ourselves on our uncompromising services levels, absolute reliability and depth of experience and expertise.

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There’s not a lot we don’t know, meaning that we are best placed to offer the right advice suited to you and your business.

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