Mention the words security installation and most thoughts will immediately turn to intruder alarms and CCTV for commercial and retail premises, as well as use in the domestic environment. However, there are a number of less obvious environments where the installation of security equipment, even at a basic level, can have a tremendous impact. Here we are talking at locations such as schools of where unauthorised parking is taking place. Certainly security measures are there to protect and as they say, the best form of defence is attack, in many cases making it abundantly clear that CCTV and other security measures are in place is often more than enough to achieve the desired result.

As one of Bristol’s leading CCTV companies and intruder alarm companies, we also extend our services to include the installation of fire alarm systems and are experienced access control installers. However, where we like to score heavily is the installation of a security system that is not only cost-effective but which can actually save you money and pay for itself in the short-to-mid-term. Here we are talking about using CCTV, access control, intruder alarms and perimeter fence-line beams which activate an alerting system when broken, allowing the Alarm Receiving Centre to remotely operate CCTV cameras to scan the specific area in question. Such a system is perfectly capable of replacing on-site security personnel, which can dramatically reduce your company wage bill.Owing to the opportunistic nature of theft, here at Brunel Security our intention is not to install covert security measures designed to secretly monitor any thief or would-be thief as, to a degree, that is a little bit like shutting the gate after the bull has gone. Effective security measures involve making it crystal clear that extensive security measures are in place and therefore you would be seriously ill-advised to take one further step in the wrong direction.

Unless you are personally involved with the installation of security systems there is every possibility you are unaware of the advances in modern technology which have dramatically changed the nature and functionality of security systems. Today’s capability is way beyond anything you may have imagined possible 10 years ago and, as a consequence you may not be completely aware of exactly the type of systems that can be installed and which will have maximum benefit for your company.

As a consequence, we would be delighted if you give us a call at Brunel Security in Portishead, Bristol and we will be more than delighted to come out your premises and give you a clear indication of what systems are now available, which one would be most suited to your premises, and the costs involved in upgrading, all of course free of charge and without obligation.