Security Doors LPCB Level 3 & 4

Security Doors ensure that rooms in your premises are protected against attack and intrusion.

Bristol based Brunel Security provide and install BS EN 12635 Standard Security Doors LPCB level 3 & 4 across the UK.

Security Doors LPCB Level 3 & 4

Security Doors – Brunel Security

Brunel Security provide a range of Security Doors to cover a wide range of applications, from anti-bandit doors through to LPCB level 3 and 4.

They are available in a variety of finishes dependant or your requirement or the environment for which they are needed, from polyester powder coated and stove enamel to a textured finish with Stainless Steel marine grade steel if required.

They can be manufactured to suit any structural opening and can include specific design features such as louvered panels to allow ventilation into high voltage rooms and glazing, with options to have toughened glass, laminated glass, anti-bandit and anti-ballistic glazing.

High Security Doors, LPCB Level 3 & 4

High Security Doors – Brunel Security

Our team of professional fitters will install the security doors to the latest BS EN 12635 standards and doors can be manufactured with overhead panels and removable transom to allow greater apertures – this ensures that you have the best possible fit.

Over the years we have designed and installed doors for some of the most secure areas, from banks, cash holding areas, Government buildings and military compounds.

Call 0117 259 1000 to arrange a free site survey or to discuss security doors to secure your premises from intrusion.

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