Security Bollards and Rising Kerbs

Security Bollards and Rising Kerbs provide effective perimeter protection to control traffic and prevent raids.

Bristol based Brunel Security is a leading provider of Security Bollards and Rising Kerbs across the UK. We will design a system specifically for your site, arrange installation and provide ongoing maintenance.

Security Bollards and Rising Kerbs

Bollards and Rising Kerbs – Brunel Security

When security bollards & rising kerbs are combined with an Access Control System your perimeter protection can be very effective, providing additional protection and control, preventing raids to buildings as well as protecting against vehicles which could potentially damage the property.


Security Bollards can be used for traffic control or as a deterrence to potential attacks on the premises -they can control where vehicles move and park and help move traffic through an area in a controlled manner.

We design, supply and install a range of Bollards manufactured from stainless steel, cast iron and concrete, amongst others. These can be installed as static units, fixed to the surface or secured within the ground, or telescopic, which can be lowered or folded out of position to allow vehicle access. We can even supply and install automatic Bollards which work off a handheld device such as a key fob, from a keypad or wireless transmitter.

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Rising Kerbs

Security Bollards and Rising Kerbs

Security Bollards and Rising Kerbs – Brunel Security

Rising Kerbs are strong, reliable and un-compromising and provide the perfect deterrent to

unwanted vehicle access in both manned and unmanned vehicle parking areas – they are a valuable addition to your security arrangements. They are ideally suited to high-risk areas or where higher levels of protection are necessary.

We can supply and install a range of Rising Kerb solutions, each to suit varying widths, designs, and specifications.

As well as designing and installing your security systems we can also carry out the civil’s and commissioning in-house – this means that you only have to deal with one company who can do it all for you.

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