Security System Design for Security in Schools and Business

The need for the personalised and individual security system design is never more apparent than when considering security in schools.

Reading a recent report from the Gloucestershire Police on security in schools, it emphasised the need for efficient security to be designed in at the beginning – it should provide staff and managers of the school with the basic facilities necessary to easily maintain a secure environment for themselves and the children in their care.

It should avoid the need for unsightly retrofitting of security systems, leading inevitably to the undesirable ‘fortress’ look and reduction in the quality of the environment, no matter whether it’s a school, business or commercial enterprise.

Ideally, fundamental thought needs to be given at the start of the security system design process, either for new build or when any existing building is undergoing a building or refurbishment programme.

Unless it’s a new build, you’re probably stuck with the make-up and physical nature of your premises, but there are still things you can do to improve and enhance your security set-up.

Security Risk Assessment

Security Risk Assessment

To establish the risks and provide a basis for decisions regarding appropriate security features for security in schools, business or commercial enterprise, a Security Risk Assessment is recommended.

Some of the recommendations to be considered are;

  • To provide a substantial, secure boundary and limit the number of access points for vehicles and pedestrians -see our Access Control Systems page for more on this type of security solution.
  • Any boundary fences should be substantial and gates should be of a similar standard – consider the need or case for public right of way across the site.
  • A secure and substantial boundary is of primary importance to schools and commercial enterprises – it should reduce and discourage crime and anti social behaviour.
  • Even effective landscaping can enhance the security.
  • Limit and control the main access route for visitors to your site – make sure it is direct, easily accessible and clearly signed.
  • Remember, main access routes should not allow opportunities for informal unsupervised access to other parts of your site or premises.
  • Consider the need for surveillance systems – do you have any potential hiding places such as recesses or overhangs, which might provide opportunities for shelter and which could be abused.
  • Where CCTV systems are appropriate, think about covert systems that blend into the environment – see our CCTV Systems page for more on this.
  • Look at any roof access points – where there are easy climbing facilities to roofs, such as down pipes, overflow pipes, low gutters, wall features, adjacent railings amongst others
  • Look at parking and cycle storage areas – cycle areas should be capable of being locked up and secured, and car park control can be achieved through a vehicle barrier system or Access Control System –  consider and weigh up both to see which is right for you.
  • Windows and Doors – these need to be up to the required standard and may need to offer protection from smoke and fire.
  • What type of protection is required after-hours – is the Intruder Alarm System fit for purpose? We often find that alarm systems are not in proper working order – if you’ve not had an audit for a while, get one booked in with your current supplier, or call us!
  • Where are the high-risk areas which contain high value items, money or vulnerable items – make sure the protection and surveillance measures are adequate and fit for purpose.

This list represents an example of just some of the considerations that need to be made when considering the level of security you want, need and possibly have.

Security in Schools

Security in Schools

  Security in schools and business need not be complex, intrusive and expensive – you should never settle for an ‘off the shelf’ solution either.  Security requirements will differ from business to business, effected by wants and needs but more importantly the physical makeup of the building and environment.

Bespoke Security System Design is important – it costs nothing to check how your systems stack-up.

Security Risk Assessment for Schools, Business and Commercial Enterprise

Brunel Security offers a free security risk assessment, available to anyone – even if you are simply curious as to the current state of your security arrangement, why not book an appointment and find out for sure.

Security System Design

Security System Design

At the very least you’ll be left safe in the knowledge that your systems and requirements are as they should be, as they need to be.

If you’re dissatisfied with your present service or systems, there is something you can do about it.

Call us: 0845 260 0095 or email  We’re experts, and we’ll help you find a solution that meets your needs.