A New Code of Practice –

CCTV and ANPR faces changes

A new Code of Practice will apply to public sector use of surveillance cameras giving new powers to the public to complain about local authority parking and traffic monitoring CCTV camera systems, used simply to generate cash for the council.  CCTV

In essence, it ensures that CCTV and ANPR (Automatic Number Plate Recognition) systems used in public places are used proportionately and effectively – there must be a real need and an added benefit and done in way which amounted to “surveillance by consent”.

It was announced by The Home Office that it is also to curb licensing authorities who force landlords to install CCTV inside their premises as a condition of their licence.

Even Police forces will need to put up signs on major routes warning that Automatic Number Plate Recognition Systems are in use.

This code set outs guidelines for CCTV and ANPR – to encourage transparency in their use and ensure public bodies, such as local authorities and the police, consider whether they are proportionate before erecting new cameras.



The need for safety and security is ever-increasing and most of us will consent to some level of surveillance where necessary – this new code will ensure that local authorities and councils don’t use them simply as revenue earners.

There must be a strong and compelling reason to erect new cameras and monitoring systems in our public spaces.

Full CCTV and ANPR Code of Practice

For the full 23-page document on the New Code of Practice for CCTV and ANPR – click here