Who would have thought that when the first commercial smart phone was sold in the 2000 that within 15 years it would form an integral part of many security systems? Even here at Brunel Security, occasionally we are left scratching our heads at just how much the security industry has embraced modern technology to become so much more effective and also informative.

By informative we are giving specific reference to today’s CCTV companies and CCTV installers, such as Brunel Security in Bristol, who are responsible for creating state-of-the-art security systems for virtually every type of commercial and private premises. Thanks to wireless technology and mobile applications, it is now possible for you to watch real-time footage from any CCTV camera on your premises on your smart phone wherever you are, and that even includes Australia!

This also means that for substantial premises, where perhaps in the past you have needed three or four security guards, you can reduce this to zero and dramatically reduce any budget allocated towards security staff wages. Alternatively, you may feel more comfortable if there is at least one security guard on the premises, but from the warmth of their office, other than when needed to check out a possible false alarm, they can monitor the security of your premises from the relative safety of an office.This type of security surveillance has a three-fold benefit. Firstly, it can eliminate unnecessary visits to your premises either by yourself, Brunel Security or the police, when a quick real-time scan of what all your CCTV cameras are recording will show there is no suspicious activity at your premises. Secondly, using such CCTV systems in combination with intruder alarms and perimeter beams means that once again, if an alarm is triggered, you can instantly get visual access to your premises and make an immediate assessment of the current situation and particularly if the police should be called.

Finally, there is one tremendous benefit that the smart phone revolution has brought to the security industry for many, and that is peace of mind. To have instant access to the whole of your premises, both inside and out, at any time of the day or night means that you can reassure yourself all is well whenever you want.

As security systems have improved dramatically over more recent years it always pays to have your premises checked over on a regular basis to assess current security levels. Here at Brunel Security in Bristol we are happy to offer this is a free service, with no obligation whatsoever and we would invite you to get in contact with us and invite us out to see where we could help you optimise current security measures you have in place.