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CCTV Cameras, which, we all know installing CCTV cameras to protect business and home premises makes total sense, especially when CCTV cameras footage can be used as evidence in court, but have you ever considered how combining your CCTV camera’s performance with a few tweets could prevent any future attempted break ins to your property?

Well, that’s exactly what happened when Stoke City footballer Michael Owen discovered on his home CCTV cameras system, at his property in North Wales that an intruder was on the premises.

Michael tweeted the incident, showing photo’s of the situation, and revealing his CCTV cameras security system which captured the whole incident, from the intruder hiding in the woods and then hiding in his van before Police arrived. He said ‘Great TV tonight, been watching some fella on my CCTV cameras for an hour, weighing up what to nick”

Michael then tweeted this to his 1 million plus followers, and warned any other potential intruders to stay clear, as they would be captured on his CCTV cameras system.


CCTV cameras

Other advantages of a CCTV cameras is that you can remotely check images of your premises over the internet on a computer or smart phone, along with text or email notification when cameras are activated.

CCTV cameras are now sophisticated enough to film in HD high definition to make viewing of your business or home premises very clear, enabling you to identify who is on your property, regardless of light and weather conditions.

CCTV systems are small enough to operate in confined locations, making them an ideal solution for many premises.

CCTV Cameras and the Law

If you install a CCTV system on your business premises you will have to comply with the Data Protection Act 1998, where you have legal obligations. Contacting a specialist Security Company will ensure you meet all legal requirements and not infringe people’s privacy. Not only that ensuring you have the right level of filming resolution is essential, especially if you may want to use the footage in criminal proceedings.

Recently CCTV cameras were installed in the toilets of a school in the West of England to help prevent bullying, resulting in incidents of bullying dropping to zero. However positioning of the cameras to meet legal requirements has been achieved, as the cameras on record the washbasins and not the toilet cubicles.

CCTV Camera Developments

CCTV technologies are progressing from analogue technology to digital CCTV cameras using local and wide area networks for video transmission. IP Cameras are connected to a local area network, making the videos accessible on networks and viewed on a computer. This allows for higher quality images, and analytics, which allow images to be measured using software.

It is feasible to migrate from an analogue system to  IP CCTV cameras system with the integration of decoders and encoders to convert signals from analogue to digital.

CCTV  cameras combined with other electronic security measures such as intruder alarms and access control provide effective and robust protection, and a little tweeting along the way simply enhances the security further.

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