A security asset for your business

The recent use of CCTV to identify and capture the Boston bombers certainly brings to the fore the importance and advances of modern technology in the fight against crime and terrorism.

It’s a far cry from where they first began.

The first CCTV system ever used was in Germany in 1942, to monitor the launch of V-2 rockets.  The first commercialised system became available in the US in 1949 and the first place to use CCTV in the UK was Kings Lynn, Norfolk.

Initial systems were fairly clunky and they were beset with grainy images and poor quality.  They were mostly used in high-risk areas such as banks and Government buildings and they weren’t more commercially used until the 80’s and 90’s.

CCTV for Business

CCTV for Business

Today, however, it’s a very different story!

Modern day systems have been born from advances in technology.  You only need pick up your Smartphone or iPad to realise that sharp, video technology is now available in the palm of our hands. Our TV screens and social media pages are littered with funny, interesting and sometimes unbelievable clips from around the world; all captured on video recorders, phones and of course CCTV.

So why the importance for business?

For many, the main purpose of CCTV is to identify and catch would be thieves, improve security and to protect the business and its occupants from theft, vandalism and attack.  They offer a real argument in reducing crime too.  Their mere presence could be enough to deter any would-be criminals or offenders.

CCTV has many uses and is effectively used for traffic monitoring, congestion charging, parking management and the fight against crime and anti-social behaviour.

Many towns and city centres have the CCTV linked straight through to the police, thereby allowing the officers to be proactive when policing the streets.  These types of systems play a key role in reducing crime and anti-social behaviour in our local towns and cities.

That said, some argue that they are a move towards to a state controlled Orwellian society – a ‘Big Brother’ is watching you society.

They do have other benefits

A single camera can do the same job as a team of security guards and arguably do it more effectively – it doesn’t take a holiday, have a lunch break or have NI and PAYE contributions to make!

The most evident benefits of late were in the recent attacks in Boston – within a few hours CCTV images of both suspects were being beamed around the world and in a second, their worlds became a much smaller place.

High resolution images and in some cases, HD quality mean that criminals and thieves are identified and captured faster than ever before – once the image is captured their fate is almost certainly sealed.

Compare this to more traditional methods of investigation whereby the crime scene was sealed off, dusted for prints and gleaned for evidence, before a lengthy search ensued.

CCTV for Business

CCTV for Business

With thieves and criminals getting smarter, systems and method of capture will always need to advance.  CCTV systems for business and commercial operations are a strong candidate in the fight against crime and worth consideration to enhance or raise security levels

When choosing a system that is right for you, first decide what you want it to do – any system can be designed with your unique set of requirements in mind.  Always use an accredited installer who will have strict guidelines and British standards to adhere to and will be regularly audited.

Need some help with CCTV?

Brunel Security can design and specify a CCTV system that is both legally compliant and of the required standard to allow the footage to be used as evidence in a Court of Law.  As we are independent we are not tied to any particular brand, meaning that you get the system designed that’s right for your business and complies with legislation under data protection.

We also offer a free site survey – to discuss a current CCTV issue or security requirement, please call one of our client care team today on 0845 260 0095 and we can arrange for a free site visit.

We hope this information has been useful – please visit our CCTV Systems page for more information about the service we provide.