Unauthorised Car Parking and a Spate of Break Ins.

Unauthorised Car Parking Commercial CCTV Bristol

Company Requirement

A company was encountering unauthorised parking of their car park, and a spate of break ins was frustrating staff and causing costly damage.

Our Process

We surveyed the premises and quickly established vulnerable areas and inadequate perimeter fencing. This was encouraging car owners to take advantage of the situation and park without authority on the site.

The Solution

We provided a detailed specification and outline drawing of the car park and our proposal. We recommended and installed electronic entry and exit barriers with access control to the car park. All staff with authority to use the car park were issued with a proximity card, and parking parameters were established on the access control.

Staff could only access the car park within set periods and the company could monitor the car park usage.

The palisade fence was reinforced and the company had no further break ins and the car park is being used appropriately.