In many walks of life you may have had the opportunity to encounter two similar businesses, one of which has been family run and the other has been a larger business, usually part of a national chain. If the family run business understands their advantage over large multi-national businesses, then you should feel confident that dealing with a family-run business has many more advantages.

Where personalised is concerned, being an independent supplier and installer of commercial CCTV and CCTV for businesses in Bristol we can adapt and adjust any commercial CCTV system specifically for your needs rather than you simply having a choice of systems on offer. Particularly with small independent businesses, no two businesses or business premises are alike and therefore we do not offer a ‘one size fits all’ approach.Here at Brunel Security in Bristol, a family-owned business which has been established for over 20 years, our success has come very much from being able to provide a personal and personalised service for all our clients. On the personal front, we put availability very high on our list of priorities. You want to speak to someone at the top, with us you don’t have to go through five tiers of bureaucracy, we will just put you through to them. In addition, you are not just a statistic, a number on a datasheet where you become lost in the system. You are a business and a business person and our aim is always to establish an excellent long-term relationship. Everybody who works for Brunel Security has a vested interest in the success of the business and also has a direct influence on the success of the business. As a consequence, we believe that all our staff are totally motivated to provide each and every one of our individual clients with an exceptionally high level of service.

Finally, and of equal importance, is after sales service. Brunel Security has grown on the back of personal recommendation and repeat business and we have only been able to achieve this through offering exceptional levels of service not just from the beginning through to the installation of any commercial CCTV system, but ensuring that once it has been installed you are 100% happy with everything we have done. Once a system has been installed, if you need us to come back at any time, we can assure you of extremely prompt attention and better still, you will not be met with a “I’m sorry, that is dealt with by a separate and department”, whereafter you spend most of your time being past from pillar to post as you try to get to speak to somebody who can help you with any problems.

The first step in discovering the advantages of working with a local Bristol-based family-run business is to give us a call and we will be delighted to come out and have an informal chat with you without any obligation on your part.